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Paula, the founder of Pantolin Fine Jewellery,  was brought up in a family with a grandmother who was a couture designer and textile artist and a mother who has devoted her passion for painting. She used to sit on the floor in her mothers studio with her sketchbook drawing in deep concentration while her mother was painting. She knew early on that art was the way of living for her.

Here, we chat to Paula to find out more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
My jewellery brand Pantolin Fine Jewellery turned 10 years in 2017 and as a celebration I scaled up by making a larger collection of Fine Jewellery with “raw sophistication”attitude. I used to work only with exclusive commissions, weddings and exhibitions earlier. I also launched the sister brand La Maison bagatelle, a way to meet my customers´ demands for affordable luxury to mix with my fine jewellery. The first collections are launching now!
Whats your background? 
” The devil is in the details” . I have a BA in Art and MFA in Fine Art. I ve always been drawing and designing things, for myself and for other companies / in different constellations. Im so happy to develop my own company now, since its so important to me as a gold and silversmith with the ethical production and the highest  quality in every little detail. I was chocked about how some jewellery companies didn’t care as long as they earned a lot of money. I can’t work that way!
How many people are involved in the company?
I am the founder/ designer/ CEO of the company, my sister Petra is co owner and President of the board. I am creative chaos while she is structure. I also have a wonderful network around me with good people helping me with different things. Sales agent, PR showroom etc.
If you could start over with the business, would you do anything differently?
Yes, definitely! I would try harder in the beginning to get external investors to speed things up. Keeping my quality standards have taken a lot of time, tears and money. At the other hand Im in control over the esthetic  decisions and production.
What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company? 
Dishonest people that wants to be around me when Ive made steps forward!
Tell us one fact about you that people wouldn’t know? 
I used to be a ballet dancer…and I just love cats! ( That was two facts, in fact:)
2018 is here, where do you plan on taking the brands? 
Well, Ive got some interesting invitations to go to the UK and the US to present my work. The collections are something new and people seem to like the jewellery. I m searching for quality retailers and distributors for my both brands, and also interested in making a collaboration with a designer/ brand  within another field. A clothing brand, shoes or bags would be perfect. La Maison bagatelle started up like a house of design where anything can happen!
To date, what has been the highlight since launching? 
Last week  , when I got the question from the stylist team for Alicia Keys in N.Y.C. if she could wear my jewellery for some red carpet events…
Also, when I was contacted by Vogue UK.
Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York? 
I must have been living in London in an earlier life, I feel so at home there! I love the language too!
Beauty products you can’t leave the house without? 
Pink YSL lipgloss and dussins of hairpins!
Style means? 
Its all about “raw sophistication”  and confidence. Ive been working with sales and design for five years alongside with my jewellery, also in the clothing ( couture) business, and I keep on telling people to dare more, mix and show your personality.
I use to wear vintage jewellery and clothes together with selected things and my own design. I dislike mainstream…
Best thing about London to you?
The polite people! Sophistication and Style. Always an exciting exhibition to see. First time I was in London, I went to see Jean Paul Basquiat at the Serpentine Gallery. A real knockout!
Statement shoe? 
Ive worn out many pairs of Dr Martens ( many years of artstudies:) but nowadays I guess my pink high heeled suede “Star” ancleboots from the Swedish brand Acne, make me feel like myself. I love to wear black together with gemstone colours and they remind me of the rose quartz.
If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe  would you wear everyday? 
I love my tight black low waisted jeans from Danish Anine Bing! Perfect to the ancleboots or my french high heeled gold sandals with wrist strip, and a lace top. Jewellery: Pantolins Fishscale locket in silver and Mother of pearl.
Favourite love song? 
“Wild is the wind” , performed by David Bowie or Nina Simone…
Best place for a coffee? 
Next to the ocean, on the warm cliffs after a naked swim. I was brought up by the ocean, and I need it so much.
Most memorable piece of advice given to you? 
When I was about 14, a friend of my family said to me: ” Try to make everyday like as if you were preparing a feast.” Full of anticipation and lust.  Well, in spite of the fact that life can be dull sometimes, I get reminded of those words  quite often.  Im optimistic as a person, and I tend to work too hard sometimes for my goals. A good way of calming  down and just enjoy.
Guilty pleasure? 
Salty liquorice and listening to Pet Shop boys;)
If you could spend 24 hours anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Id love to go to Japan, and have a great meal at one of the Guide Michelin restaurants in Tokyo.
It would be terrible to be there only for 24 hours, but I would return and visit Buddhist Temples. I love to see the ancient woodcarvings with water, that has inspired me a lot, for instance the Wave bangle for La Maison bagatelle, and the Fishscale collection for Pantolin.
In future, how do you plan on expanding the company? 
I would really love to have my own lifestyle/jewelleryshops within a three years time. Perhaps starting up in London! Thats something I’ve been thinking about for a long time..
What a dream to have a place where I could invite people to have a beautiful experience!
Where can people find out more? 
Please visit my websites at:
All photos are taken by Sandra Myhrberg at Odalisque Magazine
Styling: Meghan Scott
Model: Ilda Lindqvist at Le Management
Hair and Makeup: Michaela Tracy .
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